Web site
An excellent USA website based on work by Dr Laura Riffel. Aligns perfectly with PBS. Contains many free downloads.
A UK based site. good resources stage 1 and stage 2. There are links to many other sites at the bottom of the pages I have not explored them. There are many partner sites advertising on this site and clicking on 'download' will replace your home page with theirs and their search engine - deselect these before you download the Ap.
. http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/
UK site that has some good downloads - once again LARGE adverts for free tool bar downloads which will replace your current toolbars - stick to the downloads of PDF files and you can't go wrong
This is a 'parked' domain ie set up with "Links"waiting to be sold- good selection of linked sites.
Good resources although UK based - easy to register as a user. A good collection of resources and no heavy advertisements to join or download yet another tool bar
Mainly links to other sites
Widgit produce a wide range of symbol-supported learning materials and symbol stories, including extensive topic-based packs 'ready to go' for special and mainstream education.

Great speech based resources - free or offer a donation
this link takes you to the overview page of downloads- probably geared more to stage 1
A selection of early learning games and activities - need to 'join' to access.

Simple to join and access PDF downloads - more articles than resources - check out the good school checklist
Dairy Australia site - excellent resources re milk and cows FREE lesson plans, posters etc in modules.
Debit card system for rewarding behaviours - students bank points (recorded on debit card type system and then can trade for rewards) integrates use of PC and I-phones. - May work well in High schools?
Australian Parenting website with good info re managing behaviour at home includes free download of videos