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EBS (Effective Behaviour Survey)



This document provides an overview of How to administer the EBS tool in your school. It is used by school staff for initial and annual assessment of effective behaviour support systems in their school. Examines the status and need for improvement of four behaviour support systems: (a) school-wide discipline systems, (b) non-classroom management systems (c) classroom management systems, and (d) systems for individual students. Schools at Tier1 stage (Universals) will only need to complete 'a and b'

(Excel Spreadsheet) This an example

"EBS SCHOOLWIDE SURVEY" (Excel Spreadsheet) Completed by schools at Tier 1 (Universal stage)

"EBS NON-CLASSROOMS SURVEY" (Excel Spreadsheet) This section of the EBS Survey looks at all settings outside the classroom (e.g., canteen, hallway, playground),

"EBS CLASSROOMS SURVEY" (Excel Spreadsheet)
This section of the EBS Survey looks at all settings inside the classroom. It is completed prior to classrooms training as a baseline and then annually to assist in action planning.

"EBS INDIVIDUAL SYSTEMS Survey" (Excel Spreadsheet) This section of the EBS Survey assesses Individual student systems

This is a Word doc which allows schools to print hard copies and distribute to staff who then fill in the data. This data is then collated and entered into the spread sheet for analysis.

SET (See Coaches Page)

Behaviour Referral Demographic

This tool is an Excel Spreadsheet that allows users to enter their behaviour referral data. Generates a triangle graph that will show the current percentages of Tier 1 (Universal) Tier 2(Targeted) and Tier 3(Individual) categories in the student population at your school. Can be used to track annual progress.